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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is still one of the most popular forms of hard floor around, due to many fundamental factors. One of the main reasons is that it is generally DIY friendly flooring, it clicks together effortlessly and becomes a glueless floor, making it easy even for the worst home improvement person. Another reason is that Laminate floors are excellent value for money. Being generally a lot cheaper than solid or engineered wood, but being more practical, makes a lot of home owners switch their attention to this type of product as it falls within budget as well as being more durable.

At Flooring UK, we sell a variety of quality laminate flooring uk nationwide. From Balterio laminate flooring to waterproof laminate flooring we only sell quality. The reason we do this is because there alot of people out there selling cheap laminate, we admit our laminate isn't the cheapest, but its certainly the best value.

The problem with cheap laminate flooring, is that the locking click system they use, generally is of a poor quality, this means as well as being harder to install, the joint doesnt lock tight enough together. This can cause moisture ingress into the laminate core making it swell as well as making the corners more prone to chipping, resulting in your laminate flooring looking cheap, worn out and tired a lot quicker than a good quality laminate floor. At Flooring UK you do not need to worry about cheap laminate products like we described, because we simply do not sell them. We have opportunity to buy and sell laminate for under £5m2 put the reason we do not is because its rubbish. Even if you are a landlord and want to smarten up a place to sell or rent, we would still recommend paying a little extra and fitting a product like Balterio, Quickstep or Finsa.

One of our specialities here at Flooring UK is waterproof laminate flooring. Solving the old problem of having a floor that is affected by moisture. What waterproof laminate does or click vinyl flooring as its also known as these days, is gives you peace of mind if you have modern day problems such as over exuberant children splashing water on the floor from the bath, or messy dogs who tip over the water bowl. Because no matter how wet our waterproof laminate flooring gets, it will not be affected by any amount of water. Being 100% waterproof, means it is of course made from a PVC or plastic core, unlike traditional quality laminate floors, which are made of HDF that is not suitable for areas of moisture such as bathroom flooring. This core is slightly more expensive to produce than HDF products, but it offers a 100% assurance. Our selection of waterproof laminate floors are available at the lowest prices around as we buy direct as well as buying a lot of clearance lines from the manufacturers, passing on the savings directly to you.

We are made up to now be able offer all our Balterio laminate flooring online. Before they were just sold in our stores, we have now made them available to the entire UK at low prices. Our favourite product has to be Balterio Quattro 8mm or 12mm, the colours in these ranges are stunning, from cool grey laminate shades to stylish, sophisticated oak and walnut colour, you can be sure to find a colour to suit your interior.

A lot of people ask us, what is a good quality laminate floor and we always point them towards Balterio. One reason is that unlike cheaper laminates, which have the V groove painted, Balterio laminate flooring has the printed film go into the V Groove, this gives it a lot more realistic and authentic look, order a free sample today and see what we mean and compare it to other laminates. Another reason is the locking system, using the patented ClickXpress locking system, makes Balterio an absolute dream to fit as well as being more durable.

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Flooring UK

Coir Matting Cut to Size, Direct Importers & Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

Here at Flooring UK, we import all of our coir matting direct from a family owned manufacturing mill in Kerala, India. With using this company for the last 5 years, ensures we can guarantee the consistancy and quality of our coir matting. As the largest stockist of coconut matting online, we also ensure we send all our orders out on a Free Next Day delivery service.

As well as the standard natural coir matting 17mm we stock it in 23mm and 30mm thicknesses, as well as in a variety of colours, red and brown as well as the popular grey coir matting and black coir matting, all cut to size delivered free of charge.

Coconut entrance matting is a fantastic product used for doormats in homes and businesses, as its absorbant and coarse making it ideal to take moisture and dirt from shoes. It is easily cut down and fitted into the space you need, as the latex backing is soft and subtle, meaning a sharp stanley knife will easily cut through and trim down.

Carpet Suppliers Online - Buy Today with Confidence, Free Samples and Free Delivery on all Carpet Orders

Choosing carpet can be a tough task, with so many variations, brands, styles to choose from. At Flooring UK we make choosing carpet simple. With our filter system at the left hand page of the carpets page, you can search for your new carpet by colour, room suitability or what its made from. We also filter thickness, price and brand, so you can find just what you want.

There are a variety of carpet styles we find popular at Flooring UK, one of those is the Auckland Wool Berber Carpet range we sell. Made of 100% wool and in a variety of popular neutral grey, beige and brown shades makes this carpet popular throughout the home. Also a lot of carpets sold these days are super soft saxonies. With over 300 rolls of carpet in stock, our selection is vast and as a large stockist, we buy direct from some of the biggest carpet manufacturers in the world which means we pay low prices and pass these savings onto you. These low prices coupled with our Free Delivery service, means you get a great deal when buying a new carpet. Read our carpet buying guide for more information about what carpet is best for your lifestyle.

Balterio Laminate Flooring - Quality Laminate at Low Prices 

When it comes to laminate flooring, one name that is senonomous is Balterio. Known for the quality, the easy DIY friendly locking system and the popular colours and decors, make it one if not the best band of laminate flooring available. At Flooring UK we are pleased to offer this quality flooring at the lowest prices online and offering free samples so you can see the quality, colour and value for money you are getting before you make a purchase is our way of guaranteeing you will be pleased with your new lamiante flooring.

As a stockist of Balterio laminate flooring, this means all the products listed on our website are available for delivery within 3 working days and in most cases next day. The range of designs from the Quattro 8mm through to the cuattro 12mm offer a colour and style to suit all interiors. A popular design is the Balterio 434, we call this cottage oak and the stunning, realistic oak tones make it ideal to be laid throughout the home. As well as the colour, we stock it in a 12mm thickness, which makes it a superior quality and makes it look just as realistic as a natural wooden floors, but being more practical and a lot more affordable.

So if you are considering buying a new laminate floor, make sure you consider Balterio as cheap laminate flooring will cause problems, be harder to install and will look tired and worn a lot sooner than any Balterio products.

Click Vinyl Flooring the Excellent Alternative to Laminate Flooring for the Home

The new floor on the block, has to be click vinyl flooring. Being practical like luxury vinyl flooring, but easy to install like laminate flooring, makes this laminate hybrid, if you like, the perfect floor for any home. At Flooring UK, we are finding we sell a lot of this product for Kitchens and Bathrooms as it is 100% waterproof flooring. The original luxury vinyl flooring, which is glued to the floor is still our best selling products, but the click vinyl floors offer a DIY aspect as the stick down is more specialised fitting.

Order free samples of click vinyl flooring from us, to see the quality and colour before you order.

Karndean Flooring UK Supplies - Clearance & Discounted Karndean Floors

Karndean flooring is a well known brand in luxury vinyl flooring. At Flooring UK we stock a variety of Karndean floors available at low trade prices with free delivery on all orders. Benefit right now with some clearance lines available at upto 50% reductions from high street prices. 

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