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Stainfree Carpets

Stainfree Carpets

If you lead a busy life, with kids, dogs, friends, family etc regularly in your home, you may need a carpet that can keep its appearance well and be easy to clean. This is where stainfree carpets may be the type of carpet you need.

When you see a carpet that is described as stainfree, bleach cleanable etc. this means it is made from 100% polypropylene. Polypropylene is a man made fibre, which is extruded from a liquid. Unlike wool carpets, which have been pre dyed, when a liquid spillage is dropped onto the pile the wool absorbs the liquid, meaning the stain is harder to extract. In the case of polypropylene, the colour of the fibre is the same throughout, so when something is spilled onto it, the stain stays on the outside of the fibre as it cannot absorb into it, this in theory means any stain should be able to be removed. Diluted Bleach can be used as well to clean, as polypropylene is not dyed, so the bleach will not remove the colour.

Being a large stockist of stainfree carpet, means we have a huge variety of styles, colours and qualities to choose from all at the lowest prices around with FREE nationwide delivery. The most popular style in the stainfree category has to be saxony carpets. The deep, luxurious pile of a saxony, coupled with a good quality carpet underlay, means this style ticks the box for home owners wanting to sink their toes into a cosy, comfy pile.

As well as colour, many people are looking at textures when choosing their carpets, which means deep piles and soft underfoot is ever popular to create that decadent feel. Stainfree carpets also offer an excellent selection of colours. As the colours are extruded from the yarn and not pre dyed, this means you can get a great selection of shades and tones.

So if you are wondering what carpet is best for your home, polypropylene stainfree carpets should always be considered. If you would like further information, please call and speak to one of our experts on 01704 536 404 or drop us an email or simply start an online chat with us bottom right of this screen. We can then advise you of the best option for the area you need and send you free samples.