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Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring

Karndean Flooring UK Suppliers Direct

At Flooring UK, we sell all the different brands of luxury vinyl flooring. One of the most well known brands of luxury vinyl flooring is Karndean. Karndean Flooring have been producing LVT's for decades and boast a huge selection of styles, from woodplank designs to tile effect designs. Each range of Karndean flooring has different characteristics, qualities and specifications as well as colours, so you can choose the best design for your requirement. As direct suppliers of Karndean, we can offer you some of the very best prices as well as fast, secure delivery, usually next day or within 2 days.

What is Karndean Flooring?

We often get asked by people who are looking at new floors, what is Karndean flooring? Our answer is always the same, which is that Karndean flooring is a brand of luxury vinyl flooring. Not to be confused with vinyl or cushion floor lino, you can buy, luxury vinyl flooring is a customised form of PVC which is extremely hard wearing, warm and quiet underfoot, easy to clean and maintain as well as being able to customise to different laying styles or incorporate design strip borders into your floor. So to summarise we always recommend luxury vinyl flooring as a hard floor option above and beyond any other hard floors avaialble, due to the practicality factors, Karndean flooring is one brand to explore. For further reading about this product read our alternative to Karndean flooring blog post to understand how to compare luxury vinyl flooring.

Which Karndean is the Best?

With 6 ranges coming under the Karndean flooring brand, from somebody outside of the flooring industry its hard to know which range is best suited to your specification. With all luxury vinyl flooring, the main basis for telling the quality between each other is the wear layer. The wear layer is the top surface and the part which is guaranteed, the thicker the wear layer the longer the guarantee. However when you are looking for karndean flooring for the home, you must consider that out of all the Karndean ranges, they are all suitable for heavy usage, even entance halls, kitchens or living rooms and they all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Knight Tile - This product has a 0.3mm wear layer and is one of the most popular Karndean range, regarded as the domestic product, it is the most affordable range.

Michelangelo - Quirky, Bold, Different. This range is made up of pebble and mosaic designs for that imaginitive look. This product has a 0.5mm wear layer.

Opus - Regarded as a commercial product as well as the Michelangelo and Van Gogh range, this is also 0.5mm wear layer.

Van Gogh - A selection of large wood plank designs with a 0.5mm wear layer.

Da Vinci - This product has a selection of thin planks an stunning tile designs and has a 0.7mm wear layer.

Art Select - Possibly the best range in Karndean's portfolio, a selection of stunning wood, parquet and tile styles 0.7mm wear layer.

K-Trade - Karndean K-Trade is another product made by karndean designed for trade, but not available in their brochure.

So to conclude, we recommend you consider budget, style, colour for your domestic installation, dont think because you have 6 kids, 4 dogs and 2 adults, you need the heaviest duty, the Karndean Knight tile range is more than suitable for heavy domestic applications. If you still need more information read our How suitable is Karndean Flooring article