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Loop Pile & Berber Carpets
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Loop Pile & Berber Carpets

When deciding what carpet is best, you may come across the style of carpet we know as loop pile carpet, which is often referred to as berber carpet. This style is usually used for cheaper quality carpet as it is cheaper to manufacturer this style of carpet. However tight loop pile carpet made from wool can be extremely durable and depending on the quality of yarn used, expensive.

The cheaper end quality loop pile tends to be made from polypropylene. You can get many different weights, which determine the quality and also using 2 or 3 ply yarn, increases durability. Our Auckland Berber carpet right now is 100% british wool and is extremely popular as it does not have uniformed loop style, its style is unique, with larger and smaller loops to give a rustic, farm house feel to it.

As the pile is generally quite flat compared to many twist pile carpets, loop pile carpets are often thought to be harder wearing. This is not necessarily the case as it depends on the quality and weight of pile, but flattening of the pile is not generally as noticeable as the pile is quite flat to begin with. If you are wondering what carpet is best for stairs, we would always recommend a good quality, 2 ply, medium height twist pile carpet. However if you prefer the loop pile appearance, then opt for a tighter pile as this will give you optimum wear. All loop pile carpets on our website are suitable for stairs, however it depends how long you expect it to last, which will determine what you spend. If you need any advice please contact us and one of our expert flooring professionals will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

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