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Terracotta Yellow & Gold Shades

Terracotta Yellow & Gold Shades

Gold Carpet, Orange Carpet, Yellow Carpet, Terracotta Carpet Gold carpet is a classic colour, which gives a rich warm feel to a room. Originally quite a traditional colour, gold is now returning as a modern fad mixed with beige, browns and terracotta gives a wealth of options. Yellow carpet is not as popular as gold, due to the fact that yellow carpet is not as rich in colour, usually people who use yellow use it on the walls and tone in with a beige, gold carpet, however yellow carpet is still available and in the right setting can look stunning. Terracotta carpet has always been a common choice in carpet colour, due to the fact it is a warm colour and does not tend to show marks as much as lighter shades, can be paired with many colours, which is why there is a lot of terracotta carpet being made.
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